Grandma's Garden collection – No. 2 Willow Lane
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Grandma's Garden collection

The Grandma's Garden

Rose 3-piece set ~ Wrap, skirt and floral halo
Blossom 3-piece set ~ Apron, floral bum cover and bonnet
Petunia 2-piece set ~ Romper and tieback
Gardener 2-piece set ~ Pants and hat
Peony 2-piece set ~ Sun hat and ruffle bum capris
Colors: Pink, lavender, green, yellow, white and tan.

All of our little lovelies are handcrafted, and some slight differences are to be expected. We always choose high quality materials. Some of the fabrics and trims have natural variations throughout them, also accounting for some slight differences.

Contributing talents: Tara Lindley Photography and Blossom Workshops