Fox lovie and/or hat – No. 2 Willow Lane
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Fox lovie and/or hat, Lovie and Beanie - No. 2 Willow Lane

Fox lovie and/or hat


The Fox newborn hat is made out of a burnt orange fleece and has cute white and black detail on the ears.

The lovie is made out of a burnt orange fleece. They have cute white and black detail on the ears. The fox lovie has a cute wooden button nose that says "love."

Mini lovie: About 1/2 the size of a regular size (Regular size lovies are seen in the images at about 8.5 inches)

We would like to remind you to plan ahead when you purchase because of material dye lot variations. If you purchase a beanie now and a lovie later, the dye lots may not be the same. If they are purchased at the same time we are able to make sure you get the same material dye lot.

All of our little lovelies are handcrafted, and some slight differences are to be expected. We always choose high-quality materials. Some of the fabrics and trims have natural variations throughout them, also accounting for some slight differences.

Contributing talents: Lilly's Photography by Liliana Serna, Caralee Case Photography, Maxine Evans Photography, Kimberly G Photography, Leah Williard Photography, Jennifer Selletti Photography and Pat Hermann Photography

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